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DMAI aims to resolve ownership conflicts, and return unclaimed royalties by ensuring your data is accurate and accessible



Let's ensure your digital files carry the correct data, this makes monetizing your art much easier.


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Labels, managers, producers, and artist use our documents to confidently collaborate and close deals.


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Industry information is free flowing but where should you begin as an independent creator? Follow us as we share tips, tricks, and best practices to give your art sustainability


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—   Find unpaid royalties and correct outdated info

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DMAI provides worldwide publishing administration services to independent songwriters, publishers, labels with publishing arms, managers, lawyers, distributors, and anyone else representing compositions. We act as a publishing administrator for our clients, meaning we can register copyrights and collect royalties on their behalf without owning any percentage of their copyrights. Using our seamless online service, you can register songs with multiple agencies worldwide - and you will only need to do this one time per song!