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Publishing Administration
& IP Licensing

We are a full-service entertainment publishing firm that provides global rights management and administration to independent creators. We work with the world's most influential creators to produce innovative art in a variety of mediums that include music, photography, design, architecture, fashion, culinary art, and literature.


Doite Media utilizes an unified enterprise data catalog featuring a glossary that enables users to define and maintain key data points and link them to physical data assets, processes, and outputs. Our suite also offers intelligent tagging that helps users add business context to physical data assets. Deployment and integration are simple, and our user interface is friendly to business users.

D.I.Y. Entertainment Document Suites

No creator, organization or industry can ever work without employing necessary documents for different purposes. At Doite Media we have prepared premium quality documents to cater to most entertainment needs. We have curated hundreds of documents keeping in mind every individual aspect of a creative process.

MUSICOR Webseries

Intended for creative entrepreneurs, the platform allows its guest to participate in live performances, industry trivia and candid interviews detailing the journey, resources and tools they've utilized to push their art to that next level. Musicor is here to help the independent community transition from the archaic business models of the Arts & Entertainment industry to today’s forward thinking technology solutions that provide career sustainability. Tune in to hear creatives share their passions and strategies to monetize their art.


How to become a DMAI Client

DMAI provides worldwide publishing administration services to independent creators, songwriters, publishers, labels, managers, lawyers, distributors, and anyone else representing compositions. We act as a publishing administrator for our clients, meaning we can register copyrights and collect royalties on their behalf without owning any percentage of their copyrights.

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  • J. Hayden
    I absolutely love this team! Everyone has positive attitudes, very supportive and motivated.
    J. Hayden
    R.A.P. Studios
  • B. Raupp
    Great team all around! Their thorough and effective communication means a lot to me.
    B. Raupp
  • S. Shipley
    Amazing company! Very hands-on with your music and they take pride in putting the artist's needs first. The best decision I ever made!
    S. Shipley
  • S. Henry
    I co-wrote a record years ago and never received any royalties. The team at DMAI was able to correct the data and I got my first royalty payment shortly after!
    S. Henry


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